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First thing I do when I wake up is look at social media on my phone and then I follow that up by watching videos on youtube while I eat breakfast. Throughout my day at school I listen to either a podcast or music during passing period and while I’m working. At dinner, my family and I watch tv while we eat and later when I go to bed I watch Netflix for a while before I sleep, I then I repeat that the next day, and the next day. Ever since I was a baby media has surrounded my life. I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem for me but I know many people who use it just as much as me and for them it’s a big problem. I think over this semester I’ve grown more aware of what the media is presenting me so that’s why I’m not too concerned about my usage. I’ve learned to understand why certain things are portrayed in the media the way that they are and how to avoid being manipulated by them. I feel like as long as I understand the dangers of media, then it is healthy to have media literacy becau…

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